Around Lange Voorhout


There is much more to do around the Lange Voorhout.
After visiting the antiques  & book market,
you can visit the Escher Museum, the Mauritshuis or walk across the Binnenhof for inspiration.

It is possible to enjoy your purchases whit a cup of coffee and cake
on the terrace of “the Posthoorn” which regularly hosts live music.
You can also enjoy a sandwich, bag of French fries, fresh herring, eel or dine on the Lange Voorhout.
On the terrace of “Jeffrey” you can enjoy a “French” atmosphere with a croissant and a cup of coffee.

binnenhof DenHaag-Mauritshuis Escher_Museum
Het Binnenhof                  Mauritshuis                Escher Museum

On Saturday and Sunday at the Hotel Des Indes High Tea served with a musical touch.
legendary DesInDes High Tea is pure indulgence and is part of the traditions in the Hague.

Pulchri Studio
Pulchri Studio (Latin for “out of love/zeal for the clean”) is an Association of artists, founded in 1847.
The Pulchri is since 1898 Located in the historic building in the centre of the Hague, Lange Voorhout 15.
New exhibitions with work by members and non-members are every 3 weeks to see in the In Pulchri.

hoteldesindisch pulchri-studio
Hotel Des Indes               Pulchri Studio